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ConcealSearch Firefox Extension

Installing the LPW Extension on Firefox 74 and Higher

  1. Download the installer from the NetAbstraction Malware Protected Browser dashboard if you don’t already have the installer.


  1. Close all Firefox windows if any are currently open.
  2. Install as you normally would by double clicking the installer or distribute via GPO.
  3. Open Firefox and find the location of your active Firefox profile by typing “about:support” into the URL bar and pressing enter. On this page you are looking for where it says, “Profile Folder”.



  1. Click “Open Folder” to view the directory of your active Firefox profile.


  1. Copy the file into the “extensions” folder of your profile. NOTE: If the extensions folder does not appear, you will need to create a new one, then add the file.


  1. Restart Firefox to view changes.
  2. Firefox will show a warning symbol on the top right “hamburger” menu.


  1. Open the menu and click the “Light Point Web added to Firefox” item.


   10. Click “Enable” on the next screen to grant the Light Point Web browser extension the       permissions it needs to function.


   11. Another prompt will appear in the top right asking for permission to run the extension in private     windows. Check the box and click ok to allow the Light Point Web extension to run in private windows   as well (recommended).


   12. The malware protected browser extension should now be functioning properly.


What’s being solved here:


After version 74 Mozilla disabled the ability for developers to “side-load” extensions into Firefox.




The file is “normally” installed during the installation process, but blocked by Firefox after version 74. You can find it attached to this article.