Deploy ConcealBrowse on macOS using NinjaOne RMM Deploy ConcealBrowse on macOS using NinjaOne RMM

Deploy ConcealBrowse on macOS using NinjaOne RMM


Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to multiple browsers on macOS endpoints with NinjaOne RMM. This is a two stage process as required by macOS architecture.

Stage 1 deploys the ConcealBrowse helper application which authenticates the browser extension(s) and provides you with telemetry such as the hostname and logged in username.

Stage 2 configures your browsers to install and require ConcealBrowse from each browser's web store.

Applies to

  • NinjaOne RMM + Your Apple MDM
  • Apple macOS

  • Google Chrome 

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Brave browser
  • Mozilla Firefox

Stage 1: Install ConcealBrowse Helper application

Download the customized PKG for your organization

  1. Request your customized ConcealBrowse.pkg from The customized file will includes your tenant's information.
  2. Download the customized macOS PKG

Create an Install Automation with the ConcealBrowse customized PKG

  1. Log into the NinjaOne console

  2. Administration > Library > Automation

  3. Click +Add, then choose Installation

    1. Name: <Organization Name> Install ConcealBrowse macOS

      1. Ex: Conceal Install ConcealBrowse macOS

    2. Description: Optional, we recommend your name, date, and linking to this article

    3. Operating System: Mac

    4. Architecture: 64-bit

    5. Installer: Click choose installer file, then Upload the Customized PKG you downloaded earlier

    6. Categories: Uncategorized, or as you wish

    7. Run As: System

    8. Parameters: leave blank (installation is silent by default)

    9. Click Submit

    10. Verify MFA and Continue

    11. Wait for the Malware scan to complete

Install to one or more test devices manually

This populates ConcealBrowse in the Software Inventory which is necessary for scaling up

  1. Navigate to a given device
  2. Click ▶ > Run Automation > Install Application
  3. Find <Organization Name> Install ConcealBrowse macOS and click on it
  4. Confirm Run As is System, click Run
  5. Monitor installation progress in the Activities section, verify installation was successful
  6. You may wish to pause here to evaluate the functionality of ConcealBrowse

Create a filter appropriate for your deployment

  1. Click Devices
  2. Choose these filters
    1. Organization: <Organization Name> that the uploaded PKG is for
    2. Type: Mac Laptop and Mac Desktop
    3. Click Additional Filters +
      1. Software Inventory: Within the last 1 Days, Does not contain All
      2. Click Add, check ConcealBrowse, click Add, click Close
  3. Verify that appropriate devices appear in the filter/groups
  4. Next to the Devices heading, Click Save
  5. Name: <Organization Name> macOS Workstations without ConcealBrowse
  6. Click Save

Create Scheduled Task to Run the Install Automation on the custom Filter/Group

  1. Click Administration > Tasks > New Task
  2. Name: <Organization Name> ConcealBrowse macOS (Length limited)
  3. Check Allow Groups
  4. Schedule Repeats:
    1. Weekly
    2. On Days MTWTF
    3. Recur every 1 week
    4. Start At: <choose time>
    5. Ends: Never
  5. Click Add on the top right side of the screen
  6. Search for <Organization Name> Install ConcealBrowse macOS, then click on it
  7. Verify Run As is System, click Apply
  8. Click on the Targets Tab on the left
  9. Click Add
  10. Change the dropdown to Group
  11. Select the group <Organization Name> macOS Workstations without ConcealBrowse
  12. Click Apply
  13. Click Save
  14. When prompted, enter your MFA, wait for Saving... to finish, and close

Monitor Run Status

  1. At the time specified in the Scheduled Task, visit Devices
  2. Click Toggle Activities
  3. Look for the Action: Completed for Run <Organization Name> Install ConcealBrowse macOS
  4. Click more
  5. Review results
  6. Also you may check the Software Inventory and Activities for a given device

Stage 2: Deploy ConcealBrowse Extension to each browser

We highly recommend verifying that the ConcealBrowse helper application has installed on endpoints before configuring your browsers to install the ConcealBrowse Extension. If the extension is installed prior to the helper, the user will be prompted to log in which may cause confusion and disruption for your support team.

These steps may vary depending on how you manage each browser.

At the time of writing this article, April 2024, NinjaOne RMM/MDM is unable to configure applications on macOS including browsers.

Please refer to the other ConcealBrowse macOS deployment guides and find your Apple MDM to complete Stage 2.