Manually installing ConcealBrowse on macOS Manually installing ConcealBrowse on macOS

Manually installing ConcealBrowse on macOS


This guide will instruct you on how to install ConcealBrowse for supported browsers on macOS with a manual installation. This is a two stage process as required by macOS architecture.

Stage 1 you will install the ConcealBrowse helper application which authenticates the browser extension and provides you with telemetry in the Conceal dashboard such as the hostname and logged in username.

Stage 2 you will install the ConcealBrowse extension for each browser.

Applies to

  • Google Chrome version 101+
  • Microsoft Edge version 77+ 
  • Mozilla Firefox 113.0+
  • Brave browser 
  • Apple macOS

Stage 1: Install ConcealBrowse Helper application

With the helper installed in this way, the extension(s) will automatically authenticate and provide device information to the Conceal dashboard.

Option 1: Recommended, use a customized PKG file

  1. Log in to
  2. (Optional for multi-tenants) Choose the specific tenant
  3. At the top right, click DOWNLOAD EXTENSION
  4. If in your dashboard you do not see the text below specifying that you have a customized installer, request a customized macOS PKG from which includes your tenant's information.Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 10.02.50 AM.png
  5. Download and double click the customized macOS PKG
  6. Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation


Option 2: use the PKG and shell script

First, collect your tenant IDs from the dashboard

  1. Log in to
  2. (Optional for multi-tenants) Choose the specific tenant
  3. At the top right, click DOWNLOAD EXTENSION
  4. Scroll down to Company ID and Site ID
  5. Note these values for the next steps

Second, configure and install the PKG

  1. Download the generic PKG installer here:
  2. Unzip the file
  3. In the unzipped folder, open in a text editor
  4. Replace <INSERT COMPANYID> and  <INSERT SITEID> with the values collected earlier
  5. Save the file in the unzipped folder, replacing the existing file
  6. Right click the unzipped folder and choose New Terminal at this Folder
  7. Type sudo ./
  8. Enter your macOS password and press enter
  9. The installation results will be displayed including "The software was successfully installed." if successful!
  10. Done, you may close the Terminal window

Stage 2: Install ConcealBrowse Extension to each browser

  1. In one of the supported browsers listed above, navigate to the Conceal dashboard at
  2. Upon login, in the upper right-hand corner click DOWNLOAD EXTENSION

  3. Select the browser where you'd like install the extension.
    Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 10.43.02 AM.png

  4. For Chrome/Brave, and Edge this will take you directly to the web store where the extension is hosted and you can add the extension. (Image below is Google Chrome)

  5. For Firefox see the section below Add_Extension.png
  6. You should now see the ConcealBrowse extension in your extensions list.


 Firefox Steps

  1. Clicking Firefox in will download the concealbrowse.xpi file which you will load into Firefox
  2. Open Firefox and navigate to about:addons
  3. Click the gear icon to the right of Manage Your Extensions, then select Install Add-on From File...

  4. Select the downloaded concealbrowse.xpi file and click Open
  5. ConcealBrowse should now be installed for Firefox and appear in about:addons

Uninstallation Steps

  1. First, remove the extension from any browsers where you've installed it
  2. Second, uninstall the helper
    1. On your mac, Open
    2. Paste: sudo /Applications/
    3. Press Enter
    4. Enter your password to complete the uninstall