Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Atera RMM Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Atera RMM

Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Atera RMM


Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to multiple browsers on Windows 10+ endpoints seamlessly with Atera RMM, a PowerShell script, and the ConcealBrowse MSI Installer.

Applies to

  • Atera RMM
  • Any edition of Windows 10 and 11 version 1709 and later

    • Windows Home, and S mode are not supported
  • Google Chrome 101+

  • Microsoft Edge version 77 and newer
  • Brave browser
  • Mozilla Firefox


  1. Open your ConcealBrowse dashboard ( and navigate to the tab labelled Devices on the left side menu.
  2. On the Devices page, click Register New Device in the upper right hand corner.CompanyRegister_New.png
  3. Once you click on Register a New Device, you will see two variables generated for the Company ID and Site ID. These will be used as arguments during installation.

Atera RMM Steps


If you are transitioning your deployment from an older script, please consider the following. You should delete the old script or at least rename it to clearly note it should no longer be used. This will prevent conflicts between the two deployment methods.

Create an Atera Script

  1. Download the Install-ConcealBrowse-MSI-Atera.ps1 script attached to this article
  2. Click Admin
  3. Click Scripts, in the Monitoring section
  4. Warning: As of December 2023 there is a bug in Atera where uploaded scripts with Variables are not recognized as having variables. To resolve this we Create a script rather than Upload a script
  5. Click Create Script
  6. Script Name: Install-ConcealBrowse-MSI-Atera
  7. Description: Install ConcealBrowse 64-bit
  8. In the Script editor, paste the contents of the Install-ConcealBrowse-MSI-Atera.ps1 downloaded in step 1
  9. Click More script settings
    1. (optional) Category: Install
    2. Max Script Run Time: 5 minutes is plenty
    3. Run As: System
  10. Click Create

Run the script

  1. Click Devices
  2. Select one or more devices to test deployment to
  3. Click Run script
  4. Find the script you created, Install-ConcealBrowse-MSI-Atera, and click Run
  5. Automation Expiration: for testing, Online only is appropriate
  6. ConcealCompanyID: Enter the value you collected earlier from 
    1. (eg 12345678-9012-3456-7890-123456789012)
  7. ConcealSiteID: Enter the value you collected earlier from
    1. (eg abcdefgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst-uvwxyzabcdef)
  8. Click Run script

Monitor run status

  1. Click Reports > Classic Reports
  2. Click Recent Processes
  3. Expand the appropriate row for the run
  4. Click the (i) next to Completed in the Status Details column
  5. This will show you detailed output from the script

Verify Installation

  1. Click Devices, then click a device which received the installation script
  2. Click Manage > Software Inventory
  3. ConcealBrowse should now be listed