Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Group Policy Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Group Policy

Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Group Policy


Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to multiple browsers on Windows 10+ endpoints seamlessly with Group Policy (GPO) and the ConcealBrowse MSI Installer.

Applies to

  • Microsoft Group Policy
  • Any edition of Windows 10 and 11 version 1709+

    • Windows Home, and S mode are not supported
  • Google Chrome, version 101+

  • Microsoft Edge, version 77+
  • Brave browser, version 1.38+
  • Mozilla Firefox, version 109+


For Group Policy (GPO) deployments you will need a customized MSI which will contain your CompanyID and SiteID thus eliminating the need to create an MSI Transformation file. GPO relies on MSI transformation files (.MST) when MSI parameters are needed, unfortunately command line customization is not supported in GPO.

  1. Log in to
  2. (Optional for multi-tenants) Choose the specific tenant
  3. At the top right, click DOWNLOAD EXTENSION
  4. If in your dashboard you do not see the text below specifying that you have a customized installer, request a customized macOS PKG from which includes your tenant's information.Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 10.13.45 AM.png

Group Policy (GPO) Steps


If you are transitioning your deployment from an older script, please consider the following. You should unlink the old group policy object from all OUs. This will prevent conflicts between the two deployment methods. Ultimately you may delete the task and/or script configuration once deployment is successful.

Create a new Group Policy Object

  1. Open Group Policy Management
  2. Right click Group Policy Objects and click New
  3. Name: Computer - ConcealBrowse Custom MSI
  4. Right click the policy and choose Edit
  5. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Software Settings
  6. Right click Software Installation and click New > Package…
  7. This will open a shared folder specific to your policies, place the Custom ConcealBrowse MSI you received from Conceal in this folder
  8. Inside of the policy folder, Select the Custom ConcealBrowse MSI and click Open
  9. Choose Assigned for deployment method
  10. Once complete, the listing under Software Installation should look like this
    1. Name: ConcealBrowse
    2. Version: 1.2
    3. Deployment state: Assigned
    4. Source: \\yourdomain\sysvol\yourdomain\policies\{GUID}\Machine\Scripts\Startup\CompanyName_ConcealInstaller.Windows_x64.msi
  11. Close the policy editor
  12. Click the policy and choose the Details tab
  13. Change GPO Status to User configuration settings disabled, this will slightly improve GPO performance for your business

Deploy to a test group

  1. Link the GPO to a testing OU which contains computers which will receive your test deployment, optionally limit its scope via security filtering
  2. Perform the installation by double rebooting a test machine, or "gpupdate /force" and then a reboot
  3. Verify installation by checking your installed programs for ConcealBrowse
  4. You may also verify the policy is applied with "gpresult /r /scope computer" in an elevated command prompt