Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using N-Able N-sight RMM Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using N-Able N-sight RMM

Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using N-Able N-sight RMM


Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to multiple browsers on Windows 10+ endpoints seamlessly with N-Able N-sight RMM, a custom AMP script, and the ConcealBrowse MSI Installer.

Applies to

  • N-Able N-sight RMM
  • Any edition of Windows 10 and 11 version 1709 and later

    • Windows Home, and S mode are not supported
  • Google Chrome 101+

  • Microsoft Edge version 77 and newer
  • Brave browser
  • Mozilla Firefox


  1. Open your ConcealBrowse dashboard ( and navigate to the tab labelled Devices on the left side menu.
  2. On the Devices page, click Register New Device in the upper right hand corner.CompanyRegister_New.png
  3. Once you click on Register a New Device, you will see two variables generated for the Company ID and Site ID. These will be used as arguments during installation.

N-sight RMM Steps


If you are transitioning your deployment from an older script, please consider the following. You should edit the old Automation Task and set it to Manual. This will prevent conflicts between the two deployment methods. Ultimately you may delete the task and/or script configuration once deployment is successful.

Create an Automated Task

  1. Log into the N-Able N-sight RMM dashboard
  2. Open the Assets Section from the lefthand menu
  3. Click Settings > Script Manager
  4. Click + New
    1. Name: ConcealBrowse Windows
    2. Description: We recommend including the link to this article
    3. Default Timeout: 60 seconds is sufficient
    4. Type: Automated Task
    5. OS: Windows
    6. Upload a script: Download the AMP file attached at the bottom of this article and upload it.
    7. Click Save
    8. Click Close
  5. On the left, click a client or site for which you will create a task
  6. Click Edit > Task > Add
  7. In the Add Automated Task menu...
    1. Search for and select ConcealBrowse Windows, click Next
    2. Leave Servers and Workstations selected, click Next
    3. Descriptive Name: Install for <client name> (eg Install for Conceal, Inc.)
    4. ConcealBrowse Company ID: Enter the companyID retrieved earlier
      1. (eg 12345678-9012-3456-7890-123456789012)
    5. ConcealBrowse Site ID: Enter the SiteID retrieved earlier
      1. (eg abcdefgh-ijkl-mnop-qrst-uvwxyzabcdef)
    6. Click Next >
    7. For testing, we recommend Selecting Manual for Frequency Method, Click Next >
    8. Enter 5 minutes for Maximum permitted execution time, Click Next >
    9. Confirm scope and click Add Task

Run the Task

  1. With the Client or Site selected, click Edit > Task > Run
  2. Expand ConcealBrowse Windows then select ConcealBrowse Windows - Install for <client name>, Click Next
  3. Select the device(s) to test your deployment to, click Run Task
  4. The prompt will read "Automated Task 'ConcealBrowse Windows - Install for <client name>' will now be run on 1 device. Depending on the number of devices, this may take several minutes to complete. Check the User Audit Report for a completion message."

Monitor run status

  1. Find one of the testing devices and click it
  2. Click the Tasks tab below and find the Installation task
  3. Click Refresh until the task is no longer pending
  4. Possible actions to expedite installation:
    1. Selecting the device and choosing Run Checks
    2. Rebooting the target device
  5. Click View History for the task

Verify Installation

  1. With an asset selected in N-sight RMM, click the Assets tab
  2. Click the Software sub-tab
  3. Verify ConcealBrowse is listed, the installation date will be listed