Conceal Firefox Release Conceal Firefox Release

Conceal Firefox Release

Firefox is here!

Conceal is pleased to announce that in addition to the Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Brave) anyone using Firefox will now have the full detection and prevention capabilities of ConcealBrowse powered by the SherpaAI engine!

How do I install Firefox?

Firefox is installed through our MSI file. Running this will allow you to add the protection of ConcealBrowse to Firefox. The MSI also contains the ConcealHelper file which provides real-time device labelling for Firefox and all the other browsers mentioned above. Running the MSI will add the helper to existing browsers already protected by ConcealBrowse and install the Firefox extension.


Can I select which browsers I want to support with the MSI file?

Yes, you can customize your installation using the instructions provided here:


Can I install Firefox using an RMM or MDM solution?

Yes, the MSI file can be packaged up by your RMM or MDM solution for a seamless deployment.


Is the extension hosted in the Firefox store?

No, while the extension is signed by Firefox, we are hosting it on our own.


Can I install Firefox on a Mac?

Yes, but you will need to use the direct file to install to Mac devices rather than the MSI file. To obtain this, reach out to for more information.


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