Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Intune and MSI Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Intune and MSI

Deploy ConcealBrowse on Windows 10+ using Intune and MSI


Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to multiple browsers on Windows 10+ endpoints seamlessly with Intune and the MSI Installer.

Applies to

  • Microsoft Intune
  • Any edition of Windows 10 and 11 version 1709 and later

    • Windows Home, and S mode are not supported
  • Google Chrome 101+

  • Microsoft Edge version 77 and newer
  • Brave browser
  • Mozilla Firefox


  1. You may download the MSI Installer from: Deploying ConcealBrowse through the MSI
  2. Open your ConcealBrowse dashboard ( and navigate to the tab labelled Devices on the left side menu.
  3. On the Devices page, click Register New Device in the upper right hand corner.CompanyRegister_New.png
  4. Once you click on Register a New Device, you will see two variables generated for the Company ID and Site ID. These will be used as arguments during installation.

Intune Steps


If you are transitioning your deployment from an Intune Configuration profile or PowerShell Script to the MSI installer, please consider the following. You should edit the Configuration profile or script configuration and un-assign any groups. This will prevent conflicts between the two deployment methods. Ultimately you may delete the configuration profile and/or script configuration once MSI deployment is successful.

Create a new App

  1. In the Intune console, click Apps > Windows > +Add
  2. App Type: Line-of-business app
  3. Select
  4. App package file: select the MSI downloaded earlier
  5. OK
  6. Publisher: Conceal, Inc.
  7. Ignore App Version: No (default)
  8. Command line options:
  9. All other settings are optional
  10. Next
  11. Assign the script to a small test group of users before scaling up
  12. Next
  13. Review and Add

Monitor run status

Intune devices check in when starting up and hourly for updates, thus restarting an assigned user's device will accelerate testing.

Monitor from Intune

  1. While still in Apps > Windows apps, click ConcealBrowse
  2. Click Device install Status

Monitor from the Device

  1. Open Apps & Features
  2. ConcealBrowse will appear in this list once installed