How to uninstall ConcealBrowse How to uninstall ConcealBrowse

How to uninstall ConcealBrowse


ConcealBrowse can easily be uninstalled via a Conceal-provided PowerShell script, which is most often used in conjunction with a mobile device management (MDM) or remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. The following article outlines the steps:


Applies to

  • ConcealBrowse
  • Windows
  • Chrome, Edge, Brave


  1. Downloaded the ConcealBrowse installation PowerShell script -- the same one that you likely used to initially deploy
  2. Package the script into your MDM or RMM of choice. You can reference our various installation guides per deployment tool for instructions on how to package the script
    1. For example, you can reference the following documentation if you initially deployed with Datto's RMM tool:  Deploy the ConcealBrowse extension to Chrome, Edge, and Brave on Windows 10+ using Datto and PowerShell

  3. Configure your deployment tool to run the Install-ConcealBrowse.ps1 script with the following parameter:  -Uninstall.

./Install-ConcealBrowse -Uninstall


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