New Device Updates for ConcealBrowse New Device Updates for ConcealBrowse

New Device Updates for ConcealBrowse

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ConcealBrowse Updates - The Value We Provide

With the new device updates for ConcealBrowse, you can now manage your device more easily and efficiently.

  1. Devices View - in the Devices tab, you will see now see a more detailed machine that includes Host ID, User ID, and Asset ID. 
  2. Device Labels - You can now click into the Device and see the same labels showing on the main view when you click the machine of choice.
  3. Table View - By default, the table view is now the main view for an easier read. If you are on table view, it stays in table view. If you are on list view, it stays in list view instead of defaulting to table view each time.

Additional details on these new features can be found below.

Dashboard View

Devices in the dashboard are now listed by Host ID, User ID, and Asset ID instead of just the Machine ID. Devices that we currently see in the dashboard, the IDs will either be extracted from the device or auto-generated. To better identify the device itself, there are three potential “asset labels” that may be associated with it.

  • The user the device is associated with (if available)
  • The host name of the device
  • An asset ID if the organization uses them and/or decides to set one (this can be the Unique Machine ID)

Under each device, the administrator also has the ability to view the different Profiles set for that device. A profile may be different browsers installed on the machine (Chrome, Edge, Brave, etc.), or it may be a profile created under the individual browser (Work, Personal, Demo. etc.). In the past, different profiles appeared to be a separate installation; this new capability not only organizes devices for administrators but provides a more accurate picture of total deployments.

For customers that have already deployed via device-based, we have a script available for you to run that will allow you to group and apply labels to your existing devices. You do not have to uninstall the script, just re-run the Powershell script via your RMM. Please see below for this script and if you require any assistance with device grouping or labels, please reach out to the customer success team (

Current ConcealBrowse PowerShell Script

This new capability only impacts device-based deployments in the Conceal Dashboard. The Devices in the dashboard will be updated via this new release. Customers using user-based (username and password) deployments are not impacted.


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The new Devices View is accessible by selecting the Devices tab in the dashboard.


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When the user clicks the machine of choice, you will be able to see the same labels as the main view of the Devices dashboard. 


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