Global policy settings through ConcealBrowse Global policy settings through ConcealBrowse

Global policy settings through ConcealBrowse


ConcealBrowse offers administrators that manage multiple clients the option to set global policy settings across multiple or all clients to avoid setting policies in each tenant separately. This guide will outline how to go through this process.

Applies to

  • ConcealBrowse Version 0.10.1+

Before you begin:

  • You can apply a Policy Set to multiple tenants, but a tenant can only have 1 policy set applied.
  • After adding or removing a policy from a policy set, you will need to sync them (refer to step 10 below)
  • If you have a tenant with a Policy Set already applied and want to add the tenant to a different policy set, you need to first remove the tenant from the first applied set or you will receive an error.


  1. In your web browser navigate to and login if necessary.
  2. In the top left next to your company name, click the gear icon to manage tenants. 
  3. You first need to add a policy set. Click the Add Policy Set button. Set the Policy Name and Policy Description, both are required.
  4. To save click Add Policy Set.
  5. Next you will need to add a policy to the set before adding any tenants. Click the middle list icon to add a policy to the set.
  6. This will take you the Add Policy section, this is where you will add the policy (either allow or block). You can add by one or bulk upload a .csv file. You can use asterisks as wildcards in the URL. 
  7. Once you see the policy in the list, click Back to Policy Sets to assign tenants to the policy set.
  8. Click the first tenant icon to assign tenants to the Policy Set. 
  9. Click the button on the right to Add Tenant to Policy Set. This will bring up a search box. Clicking into the search box or clicking the arrow on the right will bring up a list of tenants to assign to the Policy Set. (Keep in mind a tenant can only belong to one Policy Set). Click Add Tenant to Policy Set to save.
    (Keys are blurred for privacy purposes)
  10. If you add or remove policies from a policy set, you will need to sync the policy set in order for the changes to take effect. Click the refresh icon to sync the policy set. You will be prompted to confirm.
  11. The global policies will also show up in the single tenant's dashboard in the policy section after syncing. 


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