Integrating Devo with ConcealBrowse Integrating Devo with ConcealBrowse

Integrating Devo with ConcealBrowse


Integrating Devo with ConcealBrowse allows you to leverage the capabilities of both platforms to enhance your data analysis and reporting. Devo is a comprehensive data analytics and security platform and by integrating the two, you can extract valuable insights from your data and make informed decisions.


Applies to

  • Windows 10+
  • MacOS
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • ConcealBrowse Version 0.10.0+
  • Devo


Before you begin:

Define your integration requirements: Determine the specific use cases and objectives for integrating ConcealBrowse with Devo. Identify the data sources you want to analyze and the insights you aim to gain from the integration.

Configure data ingestion in Devo: Set up the necessary configurations in Devo to receive data from ConcealBrowse. This typically involves creating a data source or defining ingestion rules in Devo's platform, specifying the data format, and mapping the incoming data fields to the appropriate Devo data model.


Connect Conceal to Devo

  1. In your web browser navigate to the Conceal Dashboard at Login if necessary.

  2. In the left hand menu select Plugins. Then select the tab at the top labeled Post Process. Locate the Devo plugin and click Configure.
  3. Here is where you will enter the Devo HTTP Endpoint, Devo Domain, Devo HTTP Endpoint Token, and TLS Certificate Chain (OPTIONAL / RECOMMENDED).
    Providing a TLS Certificate Chain is highly recommended. While not required, not including a certificate will cause data sent to Devo to bypass TLS certificate checks.
  4. Make sure to click the Enable checkbox, and then click Save Settings.
  5. Monitor and validate: Test the integration to ensure that data is flowing correctly from ConcealBrowse to Devo. Monitor the data ingestion process and validate that the transformed data appears correctly in Devo's data analysis and visualization tools.

Analyze and visualize data: With the integration complete, you can now take advantage of Devo's analytics and visualization capabilities to analyze and derive insights from your ConcealBrowse data.


If you run into issues, your firewall could be blocking certain IP addresses needed to send the data. Whitelist the following IP addresses if necessary:,,,,,,

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