Reading log data captured by ConcealBrowse Reading log data captured by ConcealBrowse

Reading log data captured by ConcealBrowse


This guide will outline how to read and understand the logs that Conceal offers in regards to your device's browsing with Conceal. These logs are specific to your own device and information from other devices cannot be found here. 



  1. To access your logs, refer to this Extension interface walkthrough -> Step 7.
  2. The landing page has many different options. We will start by looking into the the DDI(Detect, Decide, Isolate) Counters. This is the same information that is found in your extension interface. 
    - URLs Scanned: How many URLs have been scanned on this device since ConcealBrowse has been turned on.
    - Threats Detected: The number of times ConcealBrowse detected a threat on a malicious or potentially malicious site.
    - Policy Block: The number of sites you attempted to access but were blocked by a policy set by administration.
    - Isolated Sessions: The number of sessions that were placed in isolation due to Conceal detecting threats on the site.
  3. Next we will look into the the DDI(Detect, Decide, Isolate) Logs. This holds a list of all URLs that have been analyzed by ConcealBrowse on your device. You can change the Items per page and click the left and right arrows to navigate between multiple pages.
    - Timestamp: The date and time the URL was accessed.
    - Age: How long ago the URL was accessed.
    - Action: The decision and actions that were taken on the URL.
       - Detect - The URL was accessed but no further action was taken, meaning it was not placed in isolation or pre-isolation.
       - Preisolation - The URL was accessed and Conceal let the user know that it is considered malicious and why. 
       - Isolation - The user went into preisolation and continued past that by letting Conceal know they would like to continue on the site but in a safe environment which is isolation. 

    - URL: The URL that was accessed and analyzed.
  4. By scrolling down, you'll see the Tripwire logs with the same results breakdown as the DDI Logs above.
  5. Scrolling down past that, you will see the extension configuration. Conceal at times may ask you to send a copy of this over for troubleshooting purposes.
  6. You can always export your data to a .csv file by clicking Download Data in the upper right hand corner.
  7. Customize the look of your log page by clicking the Edit button. This will allow you drag and drop or remove items to customize your layout to better fit your needs. Once you're done, click the Done button in the place as the Edit button.
  8. You can also decide what information to add or remove from the logs dashboard by clicking the Manage button. This will bring up a side menu that allows you to toggle which settings you'd like to see. You can reset all to the default by clicking Reset.
    Manage_Layout.png Screen_Shot_2023-03-20_at_2.47.58_PM.png
  9. You are also able to switch between dark and light mode by clicking either the moon or light icon in the upper right hand corner.

*Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.