ConcealBrowse extension interface walkthrough ConcealBrowse extension interface walkthrough

ConcealBrowse extension interface walkthrough


This guide will outline and explain the ConcealBrowse extension interface. This will go through all options and explain them in detail. You will need to have the extension installed and authenticated to view these options.



  1. In your web browser in the top right, click the puzzle piece icon to view your list of extensions.
    Left - Edge
    Right - Chrome
    Extension-_Edge.png Extension_-_Chrome.png
  2. Locate and click on the ConcealBrowse extension. We also recommend pinning the extension if not already done so for ease of visibility on your authentication status.
  3. This will open the Conceal extension. No matter what tab you're on, at the bottom of the extension you will see Protection is active. This is indicating that you are logged into the extension and ConcealBrowse is protecting your browser.
  4. Moving onto the Status tab which is selected by default upon opening the extension. This gives you insight into metrics that ConcealBrowse has collected for your registered device:
    - URLs Scanned: How many URLs have been scanned on this device since ConcealBrowse has been turned on.
    - Threats Detected: The number of times ConcealBrowse detected a threat on a malicious or potentially malicious site, also what is known as the pre-isolation page.
    - Policy Block: The number of sites you attempted to access but were blocked by a policy set by administration.
    - Isolated Sessions: The number of sessions that were placed in isolation due to Conceal detecting threats on the site.
  5. Click on the second tab labeled Settings. You will see a variety of settings to choose from. Depending on how your administrator has configured your experience, some extension settings may be disabled
    - Always show overlay icon - This gives you the option to not have the Conceal icon in the bottom left corner while not in isolation. Keep in mind that when going to a risky site, it will always display regardless of this setting.
    - Disable Overlay on Trusted Sites - When an end-user has this setting enabled and they come across a site in you organization’s Allow List, we will not inject our code into the page.
    - Protect overlay from manipulation - If you are having issues with a page rendering or showing blank overlay you will want to enable this setting. Certain sites, such as legitimate banking sites, look for injected code and attempt to remove it. This setting allows you to turn this on and off as needed.
    - Go directly into isolation - This will put you directly into isolation instead of showing you the pre-isolation page. You will see a quick splash screen letting you know we're prepping the isolation environment.
    - Allow safe preview in isolation - This is the option that comes up in the Isolation details page when going into isolation. There is a camera icon and that gives you a preview of the site that will go into isolation.
    - Auto-display isolation information - When going into isolation, you see a pop up in the bottom left corner giving you insight as to why the site went into isolation. You can turn off the details to be automatically displayed but still have the option to view those by clicking the Conceal icon.
    - Include URL in status entries - Turning this off means that your logs will show <redacted> on the URL in the logs and not share the URL.
    Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 3.19.47 PM.pngThis is also where you have the button toward the bottom to Log Out of the extension. Doing so will stop all browsing until you are logged in or remove the extension.
  6. Click on the third tab labeled Help. Here is where you can gather information about the installed extension, your associated account information, and storage. Along with this is the option to View Logs. Refer to the Reading Logs article for more detailed information on the logs
  7. You are also able to switch between dark and light mode by clicking either the moon or light icon in the upper right hand corner.
    Dark_Mode.png Light_Mode.png

*Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.