How to capture console logs How to capture console logs

How to capture console logs


Sometimes during troubleshooting we request users to capture what are called "console logs" from the browser in order to provide more detailed information to the engineers. This guide will explain how to capture those logs. 

Applies to

  • ConcealBrowse Version 3+
  • Google Chrome

  • Microsoft Edge


Service Worker Logs

  1. Open a new tab in Google Chrome. In the new tab navigate to manage your extensions by clicking the extension puzzle piece and clicking Manage Extensions, or by going to chrome://extenstions.
  2. In the top right toggle to make sure Developer Mode is turned on - a blue color indicates that it is on.
  3. Locate the Conceal extension and choose the link labeled Service Worker.
  4. This will open up what we are going to refer to as the Service Worker log. In that window click the tab labeled Console. Keep this new window open.
  5. Find the dropdown that says Default Levels, dropdown and make sure all options are checked including Verbose.
  6. Duplicate the issue that was reported to our support team with this window open.
  7. Once you have duplicated the issue, right click anywhere in this box and choose Save as. Save the file and keep handy to send to our support team.

Client side logs

  1. Navigate to the tab in your browser where you are experiencing issues.
  2. In your browser on the page you are working in and wanting the logs for, right click anywhere within the browser and click Inspect.Inspect.png
  3. Click on the tab labeled Console. Repeat steps 6-7 above.
  4. Send both saved files to Conceal.

*Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.