Getting started with ConcealBrowse as an end user Getting started with ConcealBrowse as an end user

Getting started with ConcealBrowse as an end user


ConcealBrowse is a light weight browser extension that protects your browser against malware, phishing attempts, and credential theft by analyzing every URL accessed in the browser and placing you in a protected environment to continue safe browsing. Read more below in the Analyzing and Isolation section below.

This guide outlines what to expect and how to get started with the ConcealBrowse extension as it is deployed to your browser. This article assumes that your IT Staff has deployed the ConcealBrowse extension to your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or both. If the extension has not been deployed automatically by your IT Staff and you need manually install the extension to your browser, please refer to How to manually install the ConcealBrowse extension

Applies to

  • ConcealBrowse Version 0.4.5+
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome

  • Brave
  • Mozilla Firefox


Check for the extension

For Google Chrome:

  1. In your Chrome browser, navigate to your manage extensions page. Ex: chrome://extensions
  2. If the ConcealBrowse extension is installed, you will see it in this list. (Your specific settings may differ from this image)

Signing In

If the extension was deployed via silent installation by your IT Staff, (more information below), you should not need to login. If you do need to log in, please refer to the articles below. You cannot log in with SSO until it is integrated through the Conceal dashboard by an administrator. 

- How to login to the ConcealBrowse extension - (Non SSO)
- How to login to the ConcealBrowse extension using SSO

- What is device based/silent deployment method through ConcealBrowse?


Analyzing and Isolation

ConcealBrowse analyzes every URL that is clicked on within your browser. If the site is not considered safe, Conceal will give you our scoring on that and give you the option to either continue to the site in isolation, which is a safe environment, or to return to the previous page. Find more information in these related articles:
- How do I know if I'm in isolation?

- What is isolation?
- What do tags/terms mean when in isolation?

Blocked Sites/Redirects

In some instances, your organization may have policies set in place that will alter your typical browsing experience. A couple examples include being blocked from websites and being redirected to a different site than the one you clicked on. You can always check with your administrator if this is the intended behavior for your organization. For more information on this refer to this related article:

- Why am I getting a blocked message for this website?

Extension Management Settings

The Conceal extension gives you the option to see statistics based on your browsing and Conceal's analysis, settings to customize and enhance your isolation experience, and give you extension details. Depending on how your administrator has configured your experience, some extension settings may be disabled. Refer to the ConcealBrowse extension interface walkthrough for more details.


*Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.