Quickstart admin guide for ConcealBrowse Quickstart admin guide for ConcealBrowse

Quickstart admin guide for ConcealBrowse


This guide will give a high level outline of getting started with ConcealBrowse going over first time login, installation, and opening your first isolation session. This guide assumes that you have already received your credentials in an email from Conceal support.



Before you begin!

For best results and for your protection we recommend closing all tabs in the browser before installation. Upon installation of the extension, we reload every tab as we begin analyzing and we don't want you to lose any unsaved work.

First time authentication and dashboard login

  1. By now you should have received an invitation email from Conceal support containing a username and temporary password. Locate this email and follow the instructions for setting up your new password which will redirect you to https://dashboard.conceal.io/.  Login with your newly created password.

Extension Installation & Login

  1. Once logged in you need to install the extension. On your Conceal dashboard, click the option labeled Download Extension.
  2. This will automatically redirect you to the extension in the Chrome store. Click Add to Chrome -> Add extension
  3. You will now need to login to the extension. Click your puzzle piece extension icon, and click the ConcealBrowse extension.
    Extensions.png ConcealBrowse.png
  4. You should now be prompted to login, use the same credentials you set up for your Conceal dashboard. You cannot log in with SSO until that is configured in the Conceal dashboard.
  5. As long as your credentials are correct, you should now be logged into the extension and see a green box with the text of On beside the extension.


Test Isolation

  1. If you need a test site for isolation, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or send the request to https://support.conceal.io.
  2. The test site will put you into pre-isolation, you can decide if you'd like to continue into isolation, or to return to the previous page.

Add User(s)/Test Deployment

  1. For best practices on adding and deploying for your entire organization, please reference the Recommended Deployment Lifecycle for ConcealBrowse article.

Administration settings and end user education

  • As an administrator you can customize your end users' isolation experience, and sometimes need to. Some examples include sites not rendering properly and not showing all of the context on the page due to code injection that happens. Reference the Managing ConcealBrowse Extension settings as an administrator article for more information.
  • The following article outlines the options in the Conceal extension interface that can also be useful in instances as mentioned as above. Depending on the administration settings you choose in the dashboard, this may be useful to send to your users to educate them on their options. ConcealBrowse extension interface walkthrough
  • We recommend sending this article to your users to get them started: Getting started with ConcealBrowse as an end user

Policies and Integrations

  • In some instances you may need to whitelist certain sites if you don't want Conceal to put the site into isolation. Examples can include intranet sites, IP addresses that aren't public and don't have a reputation, non-secure or sites with expired SSL certificates. Follow the Navigating the Policy section of the ConcealBrowse Dashboard article for implementing allow and block policies.
  • We offer multiple pre and post process integration options. Reference the Navigating the Plugins section of ConcealBrowse article for more detailed information.

Feel free to browse through our support center articles for more detailed articles on ConcealBrowse which can be found here in our Support Center.


*Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at support.conceal.io by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.