Troubleshooting ConcealBrowseS Issues Troubleshooting ConcealBrowseS Issues

Troubleshooting ConcealBrowseS Issues


Use this troubleshooting guide if you are using ConcealSearch and you are not able to access sites or having trouble.


Questions to ask and variables to check:

- Is this happening on all points of access, or just one?

- Is this effecting all users, or just some users?

- Do you have any other integrations, plugins, or policies that could be effecting it, ex: Cisco Umbrella.



Follow these troubleshooting steps and please track your progress and results during each step in order to give Conceal's support team the most accurate description of the issue.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to your ConcealSearch instance where you are seeing the issue.
  2. Open the debugging console by right clicking, and then clicking Inspect.Inspect.png
  3. This will open up the Inspector window, make sure that you are on the tab labeled Console. Reload whatever page you are having issues with.

  4. - If there is an error in the console:
         Ex: "Failed to connect to private server". There should be a URL related to that error. Copy the URL, paste into a new tab, and see if you are able to access the URL from the error. Please record your results. Move onto step 5.
    - If there is no error in the console:
        Please record any behavior that you see, and open a ticket at:
  5.  If you are getting a message saying something along the lines of "This site has been blocked due to a security threat", please check other integrations, plugins, or policies that you may have in place that could be blocking the URL.
    Ex: If you have Cisco Umbrella integrated, sometimes Cisco will block a domain or URL. Go into whatever instances you are using and check the policies, whitelists, and blocklists. Make sure that URL or any subdomains for are whitelisted/not blocked.
  6. Test going to your site again, if you are still getting an error, please screenshot this error and open a support ticket at Please include any recorded information during troubleshooting, and include any screenshots in the attachments field.