What information does Conceal share? What information does Conceal share?

What information does Conceal share?


What information does Conceal share?



While Conceal uses third-party resources as part of its decision making process, Conceal does not share any customer information with third-parties when making resolution. Only the URL itself is communicated through any pre-processing elements when determining if isolation should occur. 


You can find ConcealBrowse's terms of service and privacy policy in two places, on the login page to your Conceal dashboard located at https://dashboard.conceal.io/ and also upon logging into the extension. For both instances, you will need to be logged out in order to see this, as it is before authentication.

By logging in, you are agreeing to Conceal‘s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  For more information on each, just click the associated links.  You may also find these on our website at the following links:

- Terms of service: https://conceal.io/terms-of-service/

- Privacy Policy: https://conceal.io/privacy-policy/

Dashboard login:


Extension login:


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