Reading data in Elasticsearch Reading data in Elasticsearch

Reading data in Elasticsearch


If you have Elasticsearch integrated with ConcealBrowse the data is transferred over. Below we will outline how to get setup on reading the data.


Applies to

  • Elasticsearch


  1. In Elasticsearch, open the hamburger menu on the left and choose Discover.
  2. Click under the hamburger menu on the button (label may vary) with a dropdown arrow
  3. Click the option Create Data View
  4. In the Name field type your desired data view name
  5. In the Index Pattern field enter an Index Pattern that matches one or more of the data sources listed on the right.
  6. Optional – Advanced Settings can be configured here – this is not required for Conceal setup.
  7. Click Save data view to Kibana

If there has been recorded data, you should now be able to view the data in Elasticsearch.


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