Elasticsearch configuration Elasticsearch configuration

Elasticsearch configuration


If you're using Elasticsearch, you have the option to integrate that with ConcealBrowse. This allows metrics and data collected by Conceal can be seamlessly transferred into Elasticsearch. This article will guide you through setting getting Elasticsearch prepped for integration. If you have already prepped Elasticsearch and want to move straight to integration refer to the Elasticsearch Integration with ConcealBrowse


Applies to

  • Elasticsearch


Create an Index in Elasticsearch:

  1. In your web browser, navigate and login to your Elasticsearch.
  2. Open the hamburger menu on the top left and choose Integrations
  3. On the Integrations page, type “API” into the search bar. Select option labeled API - Add search to your application with Elasticsearch’s robust APIs.
  4. On the New search index page, make sure “Use the API” option is selected on the lefthand side.
  5. In the Index Name field type your desired index name.
  6. Click Create Index.

Copy your URL (You will need this for your ConcealBrowse integration)

  1. On your newly created Index, copy the URL that follows the text "curl -X POST", this is highlighted in the image below
  2. Save this URL as you will need this in order to integrate with ConcealBrowse.

Create an API Key for your newly created Index:

  1. In the same Indices section, select the button labeled Manage API Keys -> Create a new API key
  2. Name your API Key and then click Generate API Key.
  3. Copy and/or download the API Key immediately – you will need this in order to integrate with ConcealBrowse.

You now have the information needed to integrate with ConcealBrowse. For final steps on integration, please refer to the article Elasticsearch Integration with ConcealBrowse


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