What is the Isolated Sessions report? What is the Isolated Sessions report?

What is the Isolated Sessions report?


What is the Isolated Sessions report?



This report shows a list of any URLs that have gone into isolation broken down by user. Isolation is when the URL is considered potentially malicious or harmful by ConcealBrowse's decision engine.

On this report you will see three columns:

  • EMAIL: The email address that is registered with ConcealBrowse that was used when the URL went into isolation. (For privacy purposes, the email addresses have been blurred out of this image)
  • URL: The URL that went into isolation.
  • TIME: Date and time the URL went into isolation. 

You can also search this report by email, use multiple different sorting options, filter by time and date, and export via .csv. All of this can be done by using the toolbar at the of the report.


For more information on Reports, refer to the article for Navigating the ConcealBrowse Reports Section


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