Navigating the ConcealBrowse Reports Section Navigating the ConcealBrowse Reports Section

Navigating the ConcealBrowse Reports Section


The ConcealBrowse Reports section holds different reports containing information on your users' browsing history, operating system, and isolated activity broken down in multiple ways. This can be useful insight into your users' browsing methods and how and where they are using ConcealBrowse.



You will need to be in the administrator role in order to view this, contact your administrator if you need this access.

  1. Navigate within a web browser to and login if necessary. Click on the Reports tab on the left, or can also get to the Reports section by going the URL
  2. Here you will see a list of different reports and a description. Just click on the report to open it for more information.
  3. There are a few different options within the report, specific options varying based on the report:

    - Search - Search the report by typing in the search bar. 
    - Sort - Sorting options on the Sort Report dropdown box.
    - Filters - Open up different filtering options by clicking the Filters button
    - Export - You can export any report to a .csv file by clicking the Export CSV button 


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