Navigating the ConcealBrowse Dashboard section Navigating the ConcealBrowse Dashboard section

Navigating the ConcealBrowse Dashboard section


The Conceal Dashboard in the first page you see upon logging into This holds information about your users' browsing activity represented in different ways. We will go over what information lives on the Dashboard and what it represents.



  1. Navigate within a web browser to and login if necessary. This will take you directly to the landing page of the Conceal Dashboard. You can always get back by choosing the Dashboard tab on the left.
  2. Here you will see a variety of different metrics, graphs, and reports. If you have a device-based deployment, you will need to click on the Device tab to see the reporting. These metrics reflect all usage under that tenant, if managing multiple tenants you will need to switch between them.

  3. On the left you will see the Unique URL Counts graph.
    - Total: Total amount of URLs that Conceal has analyzed.
    - Allow: Number of URLs that Conceal found safe and did not require isolation.
    - Isolation: Number of URLs that went into pre-isolation or isolation based on Conceal's decision engine deeming it unsafe.
    - Redirect: If you have Cisco Umbrella integrated with Conceal and have a redirect URL set up, this number reflects how many times users were redirected based on that policy.
    - Block: The number of times users visited a site blocked by policy through ConcealBrowse.
  4. The next graph on the right is URL Trends across your organization. Also note the different time frame options in the drop downs.
  5. Scrolling down you will see the Isolated Sessions report. This represents the amount of isolated sessions over the course of a year, broken down by month and color coded by day.
  6. Next you will see the Clients By OS and Most Isolated Entities reports. Clients By OS shows you user based deployments, their operating system, and version of ConcealBrowse that's installed. The Most Isolated Entities report shows you the top isolated users and a count of how many times they've gone into isolation.

    *Never hesitate to contact your Customer Success Manager for any questions or concerns. You may also open a support ticket at by scrolling to the bottom and clicking Submit a request.